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About Kutna Hora

[Rubrika: Různé články]

About 70 km eastward from Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, there lies the town of Kutná Hora, whose historical centre represents an architectonic jewel of the European significance.

The history of Kutná Hora is inseparably connected with mining and processing of silver. In 2nd half of 13th century, originally the miners´ settlement situated near abundant deposits of silver ores on the mound above the stream Vrchlice, changed quickly into a royal town, which competed with Prague by its wealth not only in economic, but also in political and cultural fields. Thanks to yields from extremely wide mining, the Czech king was one of richest rulers of that period in Europe. This fame survived with slight breaks until 16th century, when deposits of ore were gradually depleted and mining was relocated to a near hill of Kaňk. The definitive end was in 1727, when the local royal mint was definitely closed.

Also many great personalities of cultural and social life were born in Kutná Hora. Among the best known natives belong J. K. Tyl, dramatist and journalist, Mikuláš Dačický from Heslov, renaissance poet, or J. E. Vocel, world-famous archaeologist and historian. J. Vrchlický and K. H. Borovský stayed here during their life.

Nowadays, the town is not so important as it was in the era of its greatest bloom, but, thanks to the complex of more than three hundreds of protected historical monuments of medieval and baroque architecture, it represents a picturesque locality in the centre of Europe, which often becomes a place where many visitors from the whole world are coming. In December 1995, historical centre of the town, together with the St. Barbara´s Cathedral and the Church of Assumption of the Virgin Mary in Sedlec, were entered in the list of the world cultural heritage of humankind of UNESCO.

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About 70 km eastward from Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, there lies the town of Kutná Hora...






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